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  1. Mani sir,
    Just saw your latest movie with high expectations but I'm terribly disappointed...
    It pains to see a person of your calibre ill-treat the female lead so badly...There is a supposedly romantic moment in the film where the hero lifts her through his boot....What's wrong with you...How could YOU even think of something like that...
    You always had women in high esteem...
    Very disgusting....

    1. I am disappointed, particularly second half of the movie Katru Veli. It seems mani is relying on music, location and cameraman to do story telling instead of director doing the screen play and actual story. Pathetic sequences in the second half actually drags the whole movie. It degrades an Airforce pilot having affair with multiple flicks and getting married after the girl grown to 4 to 6 years old ...

  2. Dear maniratnam, earlier your films mixed romance with certain strong national happenings. Eg. Roja and Dil se films had Kashmir terrorism, Bombay had Hindu Muslim agitation and depicted on unity, kannathil muthamittal had Sri Lanka fights, etc. But now your movies are not having such strong tagline. A director of your calibre can do stories by mixing romance with certain events like organs stealing in hospitals or biological warfare, etc or even stories related to naxalite problems. You can do better in such stories. I am your fan and hope to see such movies.

  3. Namskaram Mani Sir,

    No sure if I have the credibility nor experience to talk or comment about your creation. I do understand that we need to treat every creation by nature or human as beautiful because beauty lies in its uniqueness and variation. It’s always been easy for someone to express their viewpoint by looking at the final product. My humble request is to have a nativity in your story or script sir. Trust me sir, just because of 'MANI RATHNAM' a global brand people will watch your movie. I do understand your intention to make a movie for Indian audience. Unfortunately, we have a diversified culture hence I strongly believe having a generic story line is quite challenging. We would love to see your movie which has a strong backing of a specific culture. Please accept my sincere thanks for entertaining us for more than 3 decades.

    With love + respect,
    Ganesh Kumar Sreenivasan.

  4. Hello Mani sir,

    Deleted the post couple of times not sure if it is right on me to comment on your hard work and creation. but finally made up my mind to pen down my thoughts.

    KV was AWESOME..

    It is good to see movies evolving with time to reflect current social issues / trends instead of making them a figment of imagination or larger than life.

    The way you ensure songs are part of narration instead of treating them as "extra-fit" is superb. If I miss a song from your movie I know I have missed a greater portion of narration.

    Snow-fight, introducing preg. sis, ensuing fight, climax – everything about KV was real, simple, powerful and NOT MELODRAMTIC - you deserve a standing ovation for making them so real - DEJA VU. spl mention to climax - that's how one of my friend's introduced her kid to its father. Dialogues are so real... invariably we come across guys boasting or shouting in midst of their friends and girls crying - you treats me like pickle to curd rice / use and throw paper cup.

    Not being able to attach emotionally to the story is a blessing again - ppl don't get attached to their face in mirror :-)


    Pls ignore / excuse if it was not appropriate on me to comment on your baby.


  5. Kaatru Veliyidai- A Manirathnam film.

    There are two sides to how Manirathnam excels in his movies.
    His storytelling prowess and the best use of technicians in his movies especially cinematography, music and editing.

    I would rate this movie as one of the best in terms of Manirathnam using cinematography to make each frame of this movie visually pleasing, aesthetically immense and technically proficient. Each frame of the movie can be frozen to please our senses. The visual angle created in cinematography adds to the magnificent and spectacular picturisation.

    As for storytelling, Manirathnam seems to have lost his magical touch. He made it as a simple narration of the story alternating between now and flashbacks.
    It is all the more confusing to comprehend what he is trying to portray his lead characters as.

    The movie starts with an Air Force officer at Kargil war evicting himself from a fighter plane, falling onto enemy territory and then being imprisoned in Pakistan prison. It then beautifully expands into a flashback of pleasant memories of his girl friend and painful memories of how badly he treated her.

    He gets badly injured in an accident and is taken to the air base hospital where the fate and serendipity bring love of his life as a young doctor who reports to her duty on the first day. It is not anybody's guess then that she heals his body and steals his heart.

    The movie then unfolds as a beautifully scripted Manirathnam's love story where Varun (Karthi) and Leela Abraham (Aditi Rao) who are completely opposite people fall in love. Their love and romance are then moving perilously closer to breakup everytime Varun shouts and fights for no obvious reason. Here is where the audience get confused.

    Why Varun enters into unprovoked altercations to belittle his beautiful girlfriend in front of his colleagues? Why Leela with her beautiful, vulnerability coated porcelain like face comes back to him after all his male chauvinistic, preposterous and at times psychopathic behavior? The only plausible explanation for his behaviour, as he himself says in a scene, is that he has been trained to fight. That's not very convincing
    Mr Manirathnam!

    How does Varun escape from Pakistan prison and cross the Indian borders? Does he feel sorry for what he did to his girlfriend? What is the surprise Leela holds for him? In fact, this is the only surprise at the end for the Indian movie audience who are more used to twists and turns in the screenplay.

    Nevertheless, Karthi and Aditi Rao, however flawed their roles are, have done their parts brilliantly.

    AR Rahman's music is rich with sophistication and is just fitting to the scenes with one or two catchy tunes. We invariably end up comparing the musical masterpieces Ilayaraja created for Manirathnam in his movies.

    I would say AR Rahman music is cerebrally sensitizing but Ilayaraja's music was musically innervating our hearts and making us feel the emotional connections with the movie. This kind of emotional connection by music would have made a greater impact on us of this aesthetically stunning visual treat from Manirathnam 😀

    Dr Nallasivan

  6. Mr. Mani Ratnam. I am Guna - Senior Auditor in Def Accts Deptt from bangalore. I am a 30 year old, vastly experienced and reputed THEATRE (adv.version of Drama) personality specialised in acting since 1984 apart from direction,writing and singing (orchestra). I was trained by national and international theatre stalwarts apart from teachers of National School of Drama, New Delhi. V met in 1992 during the making of THIRUDA THIRUDA in which u ve offered me small role which i have refused for want of challenging roles. I returned to Delhi due to my official and domestic demands and felled by ill luck. Once again i m here and raring to roar if given chance.I came to meet you many times, incl today (13/5/17) but was not allowed as usual perhaps they would ve thought me as a normal beggar. A black BMW in your office entrance was making fun of me. If u respond i will submit by CV in person or by post. IT IS PAINFUL TO SEE THAT THERE IS NO MECHANISM (AND HUMANISM) AT PLACE IN INDUSTRY TO RECEIVE & RESPECT TALENTED, HONEST AND DECENT CHANCE SEEKERS. V can compromise with attire but not sensible sensitivity. Thanx and all d best for ur endeavours. Hope to be part of ur future endeavours. Expecting a respecting reciprocation soon.

  7. Hi Mani sir, I am a writer from Toronto, Canada who has been inspired by your films since childhood. I have a project that I am working on that I feel only you can do justice to. Its the story if three women, a divorcee, a lesbian and a young widow and their journeys from loneliness to solitude. The stories are both love stories as well as stories of empowerment. Let me know if you are interested and i will share the story board. My email is thanks.

  8. Hai sir searching for acting any supporting role :my contact number is :7550142047

  9. Sir, I am an officer in Central Government and has written one story . The base line of this story is presently in the last 10 years there is a sense of uneaseness with one religion and our brother country has been termed as Terrorist nation. In my story i have scripted it speaks rich culture of this Religion and the beauty of the nation. I am only a Story script writer.

    The film revolves around the friendship , love and familyhood with the above mentioned baseline

  10. I want raavanan blu-ray. Where can I buy. I have all ap international movies of Madras talkies sold in chennai but I missed this raavanan blu-ray. Can you guide me. Please mail if u can guide thank you.

  11. Mani sir,
    I'm searching for supporting role.. My very much interested by ur films. I wanted to introduce with ur films.
    My num 8667419134

  12. Sir Na unga assistant director ra join panna 2 years try panra.unga office la 11 resume koduthirukka.Please sir join me your assistant.Please sir 9500981877, 8072406471

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  14. Happy New Year Sir,

    I am Sudheesh kumar from Bangalore, working as a creative consultant in Urban Ladder PVT.LTD,also I had worked as Art director in many advertising agencies and done my PG in Mass Communication & Journalism I would like to work as assistant in your up coming project, please give me a chance to prove my ability

    Sudheesh Kumar

  15. hai sir,i am vigneswaran from puducherry... am very interested to act in your movie sir... just one shot sir!! please!! one chance sir !! no: 9944173463

  16. Hi sir,
    I’ve experience more than 20 years as a Screen Writer. My latest new released as writer with Sajid Farhad in HOUSEFUL 3. I’m co-writer with Anees Bazmee’s films like “READY, NO PROBLEM, THANKYOU & WELCOME BACK”
    Right now I am writing Hindi remake of super hit punjabi film CARRY ON JATTA and remake of superhit Telugu film AARYA for TIPS and hindi remake of superhit malyalam movie ITHIHASA for K Manju production.
    I’m as additional screenplay writer in upcoming film of Neeraj Pathak’s BHAIYA JI SUPERHIT, Anees Bazmee, Feroz Nadiadwala, Sumeet Saigal, Sajid Farhad and Anil Sharma has appointed me to write their upcoming films.
    I’ve written 5 Punjabi Films and 5 Marathi films.
    Written more than 4000 Episodes Serials in Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Kannad, Tamil and Telugu languages. Worked with Puri Jagannath As A Chief Director for Film “SHART” Star Tushar Kapoor and Gracy Singh.
    Thanking you.

  17. Sir,
    My expectation is more from you. I want a film from you which will force every one to see again and again. That film should teach young girls/boys how to love and how to behave each other where bodily attraction will not be there and whole family can sit together to watch the film (not like Roja). The film will teach how to maintain marriage life to prevent the present divorce cases in the nation. Film will be like this where a fair girl may fall in love with a black boy due to his good behavior. The real truth and some spiritual touch should be there to maintain good character and to teach everyone in the nation, means that film which we never seen before, which will touch everyone's heart and help to make the good and peaceful country. If we close our eyes and think about this that this beautiful sky, glittering-starts, moon, trees everything may be there but we may not be there tomorrow....but if God is there we should give something to him by providing a peaceful country where he has to think about us!! (I performed stage acting many times 7/8 years back and completed 2 years diploma in Acting from famous place, willing to act lead role, my body structure is like Dhanush, I am a software engineer, working in a big organization, know Englisg, Hindi, bengali)
    Regards...Umeshraj, Chennai

  18. Hi sir.. May I know the audition details for yournext project..?

  19. Dear Sir,
    I have that script which will show us the path of creating good character, and boys/girls will learn how to behave each-other before marriage even they love each-other.

    Boys/Girls will learn how to pass marriage-life to prevent the present divorce cases and they will fall in love deeply after marriage what they did not feel before. (If we only read the Dialogs of the script, it will take only 20 minutes)

    The script will also alert the people of the nation to prevent the unexpected incidents and also alert the girls how to be free from harassment.

    Some touch of spirituality and presence of God, and some top most concepts of the modern science about the creation of this universe and what our Shastras (like Vedas) is telling, what is our duties, etc...are there in this script. Last more than 15 years in am in this spiritual path as well as IT Industry.

    Every-one will get path of passing life in peace starting from Childhood to old-age.

    The script has been written with dialog for a short-film (70 minutes), but one director in Kolkata is telling that it would cost approx 5 Lacs but i can spent only 3 Lacs by taking loan. The dialog is written in English & Bengali mix, but it can be done as English & Hindi mix.

    I don't expect money or any return from this short film, that's why willing to download in YouTube to alert more people. But i know, if you shoot this short-film then 90% more people will see it.

    I am willing to play the lead role to express the feelings what i want to show but don't want to show my actual face or identity as i don't like that. If you give me 2 hours, i can explain and show you. It will take only 1 hour to explain but i will become nervous in front of you (even though i know acting and performed stage acting many times) that's why told 2 hours.

    Regards, Umeshraj,


  21. After 1992 to 1997 how many Muslim girls married Hindu boys in India. Just search the data base sir you Did some good process

  22. Hello Mani sir,
    This s Sankar, mobile number S 9597055862.i am very interested in acting.. ...login ur facebook and please see the video which I have posted... I am expecting heart touching films like kannathilmuthamittal, Roja,bombay kind of films sir.. Expecting a lot in ur next film.. Please give me acting chance.. Just one scene also I will be very very happy sir

  23. Hello Mani Sir,

    I am Martin, one amongst your million fans from Chennai. We all grew up seeing your movies, always refreshing and shows new perspectives to life.. at least to the local lifestyle. Your most thoughtful and creative skills are unmatched. We all at least myself have a strong desire or wish to see a historical movie from the great Maniratnam... please Sir .. I am sure that would remain as the masterpiece in Indian cinemas for ever.

  24. Dear Mani uncle, R.I.P for your current creativity, I 4 times watched kaatru veliyidai, carefully and completely understand that it’s not a hero based movie and all male dominates are deep x . Hero is not the hero of the movie, we knew that, not just hero, direction also considerably Fxxx. Sorry uncle truth bitter. Time to degrade your age, I know that you can... it will be lovely... as always “ I love you “ with good movies. Time to break your age as usual.....

  25. You need a age break Uncle.. booze with school guys like a teen... love you...

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Living together and pregnancy before marriage stories can’t be the track for TN though you are a trendsetter....

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Though her eyes ..... mesmerizing... how you found that?

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  31. Dear Sir,

    The knowledge has been shared from a saint who was in this speritual path for more than 90 years, and Who had written many books on Upanishads, Srimad-Bhagavad-Gita, and about Lord-Krishna and Sri-Chaitannya-Mahaprabhu.

    It tells about the topmost concept of science and tell's about the truth and Vedas, and life path of every human being. The real truth of the life and alerts to prevent unknown incidents for girls also.

    Please Just see once, it's for "Awareness & Peace"

    Regards, Umeshraj.


  32. Subject: Script is ready to create sensation

    Dear Guru gaaru,
    I grew up watching your movies, those are not movies but sensations. You are a living legend, your movies Roja, Geethanjali, Bombay, Sakhi and many other movies inspired us.
    Nowadays people are commenting at you that your creativity is not up to the mark because of generation gap. I can say your creativity still works but lack of stories.
    I am a corporate employee, I wrote a script, I do not have experience of writing stories but I am confident this story will set a trend and I dont want to present this story ordinarily in the public. This script and your direction may create a sensation.
    This story is all about science, religion, love, politics and social media, and involved 3 main characters who are youth.
    There is lot of scope to add creativity to this story, I am still working/researching and polishing the script, may be it will take 1 month more.
    I know this is foolishness to commit with an inexperienced story writer but I have experience of living life in current society.
    I hope you may give a chance to me to narrate the story and obviously it is up to you whether we go ahead or not.

    Ganesh Keerti,,

  33. Hi Mani sir, we are lucky to have a director like you, you and AR Rahman has given us wonderful movies as well as breathtaking cinema experiences, I would like to call out one of your best cinemas which I have been stunned till today that is Anjali, Iruvar, Roja and Yuva in hindi, excited to see Yuva sequel in case it's in the pipeline, it would just be another great movie from you. We love you and your charismatic work. Keep up the good work.


  35. Dear Mani Sir, why won't be a better idea to recreate a magic by remaking your own 1988 blockbuster 200-day run box office Tamil movie Agni Natchathiram as per today's trend and movie pattern. Wherein Vikram Prabhu Reprising the role of Prabhu Ganesan and Gautham Karthik reprising the role of Karthik Muthuraman along with Vijayakumar as Grandpa and Arun Vijay can also be reserved to play any vital role.

    Thank You

  36. Hi Maniratnam sahab
    I've a script. It is most likely to your genre. I guess you would like it because in my script there are three major things, 1st is a man murder every night and stay in the brothel and watch the Mujra rest of the night, 2nd is he'd fallen again in love with a harlot after the murder of his wife, and 3rd is he's cheated by that harlot because she joined the brothel to take revenge from him but never let him fathom.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Review of the “Mazhai Kuruvi” song in “Chekka Chivantha Vanam”

    On the face of it, this song is just about a forest and a sparrow. But I could vividly see that the words talk about sexual frustration of a man who had a one-night stand. The act of sex between the man and the woman is told step by step, poetically and intellectually with a lot of regret, as it ends in frustration. This immoral sexual intercourse will leave lasting pain in the mind of the person.

    The important point about this interpretation of the song is that neither the lyric writer nor the director seem to have even remotely understood this. That’s the state of Tamil cinema for you, seeing all this why wouldn’t the sky become deep red?

  39. Sir, you had been one of the best directors of India.but of late your films are not impressive.i feel that that your films are not of that caliber.sorry for can call the public and ask for stories .each one should be given 5minutes time.if you find any new ideas or stories you can then take it as a movie.i have 3 stories which are totally new.give us a chance for you to win

  40. You spend days together for discussion,why don't you give just 5 minutes for a new are not going to lose anything sir.

  41. Hello.. Astute admirer of mani ratnam movies.. Wished to know if chekka chivantha vaanam is releasing in mumbai with english subtitles? Do reply at the earliest so that can book the tickets..

  42. Mani sir, I just I have seen chekka c v movie in Salem arrs multiplex.It was good. Big star cast ( very good cast selection). used entire cast in perfect manaer(great).very fast screenplay( like 20/20 cricket).very good tech support (music,editing,camera, recording..etc).songs go along with movie( it is good ).good opening in Salem. Am sure it is one of the good movie both critic and collection wise. Sir don't care about some critics we audians be always with you. Sir l have same thing in ccv trailer Arvind says unakku palaya Nanban irukana nabathei you should cut it in trailer because it revel the end twist.( I predict the end).Second Arvind Samy gangmenbers joined to oppsiteside in a single dialogue ( with out any fight). Third some logics missed in last 25 minits. Mani sir (62) we can't believe entire story move like a roller coaster drive. I wish you and your crew and your family for giving this movie. Thanks, Kannan.d, Salem.

  43. Another most important one is many of the Mani movies are taken in hindi, Tamil,telugu at a time in same location with same main characters it spoils Nativity of all languages . In this ccv language slang , loction, charectors sit on audience heart.thanks.

  44. Dear Mr. ManiRatnam,

    We are from Puducherry Development Party.

    Your movie shows that there is a Red Light Area at Puducherry and there is a dialogue and related scenes shot in our Puducherry. We Puducherry people are very much agitated after hearing the dialogue "Puducherry Red Light Area ku vandhudu".

    Can you tell me where is the area at Puduchery..? When there is no such are a how did you take the shot here in our Puducherry. Did you get police permission ? Did you give that script to police and got the permission..?

    You are hurting PUducherry people. Puducherry has been a spiritual place since then. People like you are damaging the image of our great Puducherry.

    We on behalf of Puducherry people request you to remove the scene and we will protest against the movie. Maniratnam has been a renowned director. But, Why his attitude towards Puducherry is very worst so..

    Are you dare enough to take the shots saying that "Chennai Red Light Area"..

    Kindly remove the shots. We will complaint to the LG office, CM office and DGP office against your act. Puducherry will show you what it is. Thanks.

    Sincerely Yours,
    S. Baskaran
    Puducherry Development Party

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  46. பெயர் : ச.ஜான் பிரிட்டோ
    வயது : 41
    பிறப்பிடம் : திண்டுக்கல்
    அனுபவம் : மேடை நாடக காமெடி பாத்திரம்
    கல்வி : எம்.பி.ஏ., எம்.பீல்.,
    இதர தகுதி : தினமலர், விகடன் குரூப் ஜோக்ஸ் ரைட்டர்(20-ஆண்டுகள்)
    அனுபவம் : சுச்சுவேசன் டயலாக், ஸ்டோரி டிஸ்கசன் குருப், கற்பனை வளம் மற்றும் எழுத்துத்திறன்
    பணி : டாஸ்மாக் விற்பனையாளர் (15-வருடங்கள்)
    குடும்பம் : மகள்(10), மனைவி(35)
    முகவரி : ச.ஜான் பிரிட்டோ, 11/30 அண்ணா நகர், பாலகிருஷ்ணாபுரம் அஞ்சல், திண்டுக்கல்.5 செல்: 99766 46477
    போட்டோ : தற்போதைய கெட்-அப்(காணிக்கை: வேளாங்கண்ணி தாய்)
    இ-மெயில் :
    cell: 99766 46477
    உயரம் : 5.5
    எடை :82

  47. Dear Sir,

    I just saw the movie chekka sivantha vaanam today...sir what happens to u..u used to treat your female characters nicely...but sir am deeply disappointed in this movie..i didn't like the way you portrayed female characters in this movie sir...i really hope you put some thought into creating strong female characters sir...i am expecting well written female characters in the upcoming movies of yours sir...
    Thank you...

  48. Dear Sir/ Madam ,

    i waited more than 4+ years to watch GURUKANTH movie in TELUGU Language , still it's not uploaded any where . in case if possible to upload youtube or any kind of download please do it Sir /Madam ,

    Thanking You
    Stupid Man Ravindranath

  49. Dear Sir/ Madam ,

    i waited more than 4+ years to watch GURUKANTH movie in TELUGU Language , still it's not uploaded any where . in case if possible to upload youtube or any kind of download please do it Sir /Madam ,

    Thanking You
    Stupid Man Ravindranath

  50. Hi sir among all your movies I mostly like iddaru which in Tamil iruvaru The kind of a fram of the movie and the kind of shorts of the movie which is extremely tremendous It's really made mesmerized. Cause I'm a very big fan of only Steven Spielberg but after watching your iruvaru i started to see your movies also And also your last movie chekka chivanta vannam too great delivery by you sir And Steven Spielbergs last movie ready player one Also extremely unbelievable movie and I'm waiting for Steven Spielbergs upcoming Indiana jone 5 and also your upcoming movie sir.

  51. Hai sir searching for acting any supporting role :my contact number is :7550142047

  52. Dear Shri Manirathnam,
    I am Vaithu of Madurai.I would like to meet you in person. It is not urgent but important. Kindly let me know when you come to Madurai. I will call on you. I am 80. I am a CTTI retired from Railways in 1996.
    Thanking you,

  53. Dear Shri Manirathnam,
    I am Vaithu of Madurai.I would like to meet you in person. It is not urgent but important. Kindly let me know when you come to Madurai. I will call on you. I am 80. I am a CTTI retired from Railways in 1996.
    Thanking you,
    My number 7339410720

  54. Hello sir,
    I am a writer, I have many stories on various subjects that can be made into movies, Kindly give me an appointment so that i can share my ideas with you

  55. Dear Mani sir, I wish you a happy new year to you & to your team. I have three things to share, a big thank you, wish & a chance.

    Thank you: I am Management graduate with engineering background working as a SAP Consultant. I would like express my THANK YOU, your movies has helped me to achieve 17% academic marks in two phases of life. First, 10th in 1995, my Tamil pandit Thiru pannerselvam didn't teach us Abirami anthathi and simply he will refer "thalapathi thalaivar song, kunitha puruvam," which fetched us 5% or 5 marks. Second : I had my semester exam on "Operation Management" 7th semester next day while I was relaxing watching "Mounra ragam" after my revision and forgot to study "Pseudo nomial solution" till the scene where lecturer was teaching about this. I immediately revised and fortunately it appeared in my exams next day. :)

    Wish: When we can see you, PC & Illayaraja will join. I personally miss good background scores from your movies if not for songs.

    Chance: As like everyone, I also request for a chance in your movies even if it is for few minutes. This could be a chance to meet you in person and provide my thank you.

    Best Regards
    Mob: 00 971 565006452

  56. I have stories shall we do together please contact me via email and all different tyoes of stories and all are not in the market too..

    0094766952233 contact me soo awaiting to do it sir

  57. I am Akilesh from Canada. I am a Tamilian. I want to Act. Some one Told me to Contact Suhashini Akka. please contact 647-299-2450.

  58. Hi Sir,
    I like to join as a assistant director and learn from you.i took some time(7 yes) to learn myself how to craft a story and am succeed in that...I heard your upcoming project is ponniyin Selvan...I read all the books ..please let me know....

  59. Dear Mani Ratnam,

    I am Harish from London and wanted know, whether there are plans to restore your filmography and release them as Blu-ray’s?


  60. Dear mani sir
    This week Ananda Vikatan I read about your upcoming/ expected project about "Ponniyin selvan"
    I feel happy for your project and wishing you to come back
    The casting of your movie seems to good but Vanthia Thevan - as equal as rajaraja cholan - an ever green hero is not good with casting of Karthi.
    Why don't you go with surya.
    The said character is too energetic with attraction.
    This is my humble suggestion. You can go with some other too.
    The choice of Jayam Ravi, Amitab Bachcha, iswarya is good.
    Once again congratulations and good luck for your project.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Sir,
    very glad to know that your are going to film Ponniyin selvan novel. I have read PONNIYIN SEVAN NOVEL 3 to 4 times. and is qa great fan of Vindhiyadevan. The folwwoing actors will be suitable for the following roles.
    1. vindhiadhevan -Surya or Vijay
    2..Kundhavai- Nyanadhara OR ANUKSHA
    3.Aurulmozhi varaman karthi
    4.Sunahara chozhan - Sivakumar or PRABHU
    5.Periya pazhuvettyar- Sathyaraj
    N R Ramachandran,
    Morris plains,NJ, NEWJERSY, USA.

  63. Dear Manirathnam Sir,

    Came to know from Ananda Vikadan that you planned for Great Ponniyin Selvan Project.I want to Give my suggestions for the Roles.

    Arulmozhivarman-Jayam Ravi
    Periya Pazhuvetaraiyar-Nazar
    Karigarcholan-Vishal OR Vikram
    Nandhini-Ramya Krishnan
    Poongulazhi-Keerthi Suresh

    The ever green story which we visualize LIVE from our Childhood for more than 40 years as of now.....Written by Kalki's golden hands....

    With Regards,
    Chelliah Athinathan

  64. Sir, I want to work with you as a assistant to become a director so please sir give me a chance sir

  65. my dear guru...

    i love you lots..... your my dream developer....

  66. Dear Mani Ratnam and Suhasini,
    I am Dr. Madhavi, a Scholar with PhD and Sociologist. I want to give you a message.

    Cinema shows lot of impact on society and its people. Few of your movies are with good theme. But some movies are against morals and ethics that really spoiled the society and generation. For example, in 'Gitanjali' movie, you showed the heroine in a cheap way. That time many young girls influenced by that cheap behavior and they used to ask many men for elopement in a joking manner and that lead to character downfall of girls. In the movie 'villain', what you showed? A woman fell in affection with a person by neglecting her nice character husband. Your movies are with effective photography and strong cinematography. Hence there is lot of impact on the society. All ready society is becoming spoil day by day. Why you are increasing its depth and width by making it more spoil? Please don’t neglect this message of a scholar who is thinking for the wellbeing of the society and its people.

    You are reaching old age now. At least now you try to make good movies with good morals and ethics. Don’t think about success of the movie. It will automatically get success. You please try to spread good messages in the society with your movies from now onwards.

    Take up project to make film on Sita, the wife of Lord Sri Rama. So that present generation girls will know what should be a woman and how must be a woman. Surely it will get success.

    You can make movies on the lives of great devotees like Tukaram, Purandara Das, Sur Das, Tulasi Das, Mira Bai, Vllabhacharya and many more. They all proved the existence of God. Bhakti is not a sentiment but practical science. Make your life successful by making movies on great Devotees.

    Women’s good character is the root for the society’s wellbeing. You make movies as many as you can by taking up this theme that woman should be with good character and should be dedicated to only one man in her life.

    If you spread righteousness in the society, you will be blessed by the lord. Please make your life cause-oriented to make society healthy.

    You please contact me to discuss more on this matter. My email:
    Thank you,
    Sincerely, Dr. G. Madhavi.

  67. Hi there.
    This is a mail to Mr.Manirathnam, Madras Talkies, chennai.
    From Mayan, Tirupur Dt.

    Please follow the link and get a mail online.

    Thank You.
    Mobile: 96 550 74599

    Follow the link.

  68. Mani sir there is no wonder to say I'm your greatest fan. Because all over Tamil cinema viewers all greatest fan of your self. It's ok let's come to the point. I'm heard about some news regarding you are trying to giving me the celluloid form for ponniyin selvan. It's fake or not I don't know wheather if it's true please give me the chance for portraying the role of madhuranthakan. I'm a mba holder. And working in govt sector. You are already gave such roles for trangender community like in Bombay movie and raavanan. But ...

  69. N R Ramachandran
    Read in the news papaers that you have selected some actors for the imporatan roles for the PONIIYN SELVAN MOIVE. If you shoot the movie casting the actors menetioned in the news papers the movie will be a flop becuse the actors will not suit for the charectors, beacuse I have read the novel 4 to5 times , I have apicture in my mind how the charectors are so aslo the hundred thousnad readers who read the novesl.
    For exmaples of the past movies. Veerapanya kattbhomman we can thin ko Sivaji only, not any other actor. So also Sambbormarmayanam we can think of N T Ramarao onlyas Rama , PATHIBHAN kanavu
    S V rangarao as NARASIMHA PALLAVA.
    SO MY suugestion is that the follwoimg actors will be most apt for the imporatant roles.
    1.Vindyadheavan- should be handsome, jovial and also matureds. Surya or Ajith
    2.KUNDHAVAI- Beautiful, elegant- Anuksha shetty. SHE should llok eledrely to Arul moashi
    3.N andhini- Beautiful and mesmrrosing eyes Nyanadharq
    4.ARUKMOZHIVARMAN- handsome withsmiling face (kunzhanthai Mukham) - karthi
    5Sundara chozhan- hansome even at eledrely age- Sivakumar
    6.Peiya pazhuveaatayr- Sah tyaraj
    7.Chinnapazhuvattyar- NAZAR
    8.Vanathi- Keethi Sursh
    please disuss wtih your team before commencement of the fimining
    N R Ramachandran,
    Morris Plains, NJ, USA


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