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Bergmans (Arjun), a brilliant but unruly student, is thrown out of his seminary for committing the sin of the flesh after being caught red-handed by fellow student Sam Fernando (Arvind Swamy). Blaming the good-hearted Sam for his ouster, Bergmans vows revenge and challenges to prove that evil does reign supreme in this world. Sam finishes his education and training and arrives at a village as the new Father of the local church. A local boy named Thomas of this village who is the illegitimate son of a local fisherman Chetty (Ponvannan) has grown up in a rough neighborhood, following the death of his mother and thus being forced to fend for himself.

Father Sam takes the run down church and the skeptical villagers in his stride and soon starts bringing about changes. Through a series of incidents, he also manages to get the unruly Thomas under his control and gets him to learn the tricks of the fishing trade from the villagers. The film fast forwards a few years when Thomas is now all grown up (Gautham Karthik) and is very close to Father Sam who is now a well respected person in the village.

Thomas comes across Bea (short for Beatrice) (Thulasi Nair) when she's running away from her convent school group who had gotten her admitted to hospital. They keep running into each other a few times and Thomas comes to like her presence.

Meanwhile, as Father Sam is meditating on the remote beach, he hears a few gunshots on the sands. On investigation, he finds an unconscious Bergmans in the waters. On seeing that the shooters are still lurking around trying to finish their job of killing Bergmans, he pulls him to safety into an abandoned ship, and takes care of his bullet injuries with the help of a local village woman as well as a woman Celina (Lakshmi Manchu) from a distant village that Bergmans asks him to get. A few villagers including Chetty who see Father Sam running around in the dark with the 2 women get suspicious and accuse the three of sleeping together. They call the Bishop, upon whose interrogation, Celina admits to the sin, and Father Sam gets unfairly implicated. One of the villagers is also killed in the ensuing mêlée and Father Sam is sentenced to 4 years rigorous imprisonment.

Bergmans visits Father Sam in prison and admits he got the woman to implicate him falsely, to prove that evil will always triumph. When Father Sam returns from prison, he discovers Thomas has fallen in cahoots with the evil Bergmans in his smuggling trade and has committed many sins in his desire to make the village people bow before him. Thomas and Bea have also fallen in love with each other and come to seek Father Sam's blessings. Thomas subsequently gets to know that Bea is none other than the estranged daughter of Bergmans, who does not want to have to do anything with her.

Thomas takes Bea to Bergmans' house to trigger some long-lost memories when she recalls all the previous horrific incidents of her father Bergmans, including the one of killing her mother. Bergmans gets angry with all this and abducts both Father Sam and Bea in his boat and goes out to sea with an intent to kill them both. However even after a few feeble attempts, the self-professed son of Satan who disavows all family attachment, is unable to get himself to kill his daughter. Thomas comes chasing them and after a long drawn fight amongst the three, Thomas and Father Sam together manage to subdue the evil Bergmans.

The movie ends on a note that good finally triumphs over evil, whether it be Father Sam and Thomas' triumph over Bergmans, Thomas' own suppressing of his bad inclination and re-joining forces with Father Sam, or Bergmans' good nature coming out in his inability to kill his daughter.


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