Anbulla Snegidhiye

Their Childhood

Filled with Sudha's dreams and fantasies, Anju's pranks and constant fear of being thrown out of school for the same.

Their Adolescence

Is their very composed young lady our dreamy sudha and what about our boosy Anju she's been put in place more than a couple of times by this extremely aggravating young man.

Their Future

Anju and sudha, twin sister by nature and sprit, will have to be there for each other across distance emotional and physical, to seek each other out in spite of other equally demanding relationships.

To laugh at the face of their happiness, to despair at the challenges life throws their way, to revel in their dedication to each other, promises to be a real poignant and enriching experience.


"Anju…..Sudha… where are you..? ……Trust them to disappear before pooja begins"
Janu athai hears them shrieking from somewhere within the garden. Cautiously she goes towards the small enclosure where her nieces' shrieks are the loudest.

"Anju…hold"…Sudha's voice sounded distressed…" Sudha you are the experts"."no anju hold the nose, legs..something"…."quak…quak…quak…"…goes aju's answer to her desperate plea…their voices get louder as janu athai nears them….
Janu athai enters the enclosure to see her nieces.. the darling of the very distinguished Aiyengar house trying hand at roasting chicken.

"Oh will I ever cleanse you of your sins…how will god ever forgive the two of you" cries janu athai, vexed.
"I don't Know," says the bewildered Sudha worried at being caught red handed by athai before the saucy Anju bursts into uncontrollable giggles.

Anju and Sudha, they've always been like this. Spoilt brats…..Pampered from day one by their janu athai, Anju's mother Indumma, their maid champa and abdul their driver…Thank God for Sudhas's mother and her Valatile moods. The only thing the girl evr had to watch out for …..they probably would have given both their fathers constant nightmares if they had hung around with the family.

Anju and Sudha have always been there for each other. Right from the day they were born Anju called Sudha out to the world when she was having difficulty leaving her mother's womb. The two have been inseparable ever since.


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