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Boy (Shah Rukh Khan) meets girl (Manisha Koirala) in a Railway Station on the night of El Nino.  Boy, on assignment for All India Radio and falls in love immediately.  Boy loses his mind and soul, not to mention the girl, all before you settle down in your seats.  Boy, you see is also Program Executive and Disc Jockey rolled into one for AIR somewhere in the North East that plays only Tamil Music, when he is not busy, interviewing wise-cracking terrorist heads who speak chaste Tamil!

Now, he meets girl again and proposes. Girl's so called brothers waste no time in wasting him.  Girl seems to have a murky past, but the Boy still wants girl and pursues her to Ladhak.  They board a bus that breaks down giving them enough time to prance around Ladhak in fancy costumes.  Girl gives him the slip somehow and boy returns home to Delhi disappointed.  Girl meanwhile is plotting something big with her cohorts, unmindful of the hero's love.  Cut toShahrukh Khan & Manisha Koirala in "Uyire" boy's home: boy has a surprise waiting for him at home.  His folks have been busy ponnu-parthufying' and settle on a pretty Mallu lass (Preity Zinta).  Boy consents to marriage and preparations are in full swing, when Girl arrives at his door-step on his engagement.  She seeks refuge and a job at the AIR and lands one, courtesy our hero.  Little does he realize that she has other plans.  The AIR job is a guise to break into security at the Republic Day Parade to kill the Prez.   Shall we tell the president?  No, the hero decides to stop her on his own!   How he finds that out and his conflict with his love for her and his country form the rest of the story, in case you bother.


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