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Shyamala (Nanditha Das) is a Tamil expatriate living in Sri Lanka. She gets married to a militant (Chakri). A day after the marriage, the militant goes back and joins his mission of LTTE. Later on Shyalama is evacuated from Sri Lanka and is sent back to India. She is taken care by a refugee camp at Rameswaram where she gives birth to a girl. Shyamala leaves the baby behind and goes back to Sri Lanka to fight for Indians in Sri Lanka.

Srinivas (Madhavan) is a famous writer. He writes a story based on the kid. Indira (Simran) is his neighbor. She suggests him that he should adapt the girl rather than money by writing a story on her. When Srinivas attempts to adapt the girl, the Red Cross people say that a bachelor is unqualified to do so. Srinivas proposes to Indira and gets married and the couple adapts the baby girl and names her Amrutha (Baby Keerthana). Later on, India and Srinivas gives birth to two sons.

When Amrutha enters 9, Srinivas reveals the dark secret to Amrutha that she is born to a refugee from Sri Lanka. Amrutha wants to meet her real mother. Amrutha runs away from home in search of her mother. Srinivas and Indira bring her back. The trio (Indira, Srinivas and Amrutha) leaves for Sri Lanka in search of Shyamala. The entire second half is dealt with how Amrutha searches and meets her real mother and what decision she would take. That is, to stay with Indira and Srinivas or to prefer Shyamala?


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