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Superintendent of Police in forest region of Anantapur district Dev (Prithviraj) takes on direct attack with Veerayya aka Veera (Vikram), the leader of downtrodden forest living tribes. Movie starts on a great note with Raagini (Aishwarya Rai), wife of Dev kidnapped by Veera and his gang. Veera’s elder brother Singaraju (Prabhu) and younger one Chakri (Munna) help Veera to get Raagini into the forest with an intention to kill her. 

The fearless attitude of Raagini impresses them and slowly Veera gets attracted towards her beauty and simplicity. On the other hand Dev starts his hunt into the forest for Raagini with assistance from his battalion and Gnyana Prakasham (Karthik), the forest guard. Now and then Raagini attempts to escape from the clutches of Veera but fails. 

At a point when Inspector Hemant, member of Dev’s troop was caught alive by this tribals; Raagini questions Veera about the moto behind her kidnap. Here comes the small flash back where Veera’s sister Vennela (Priyamani) is being cheated by her timid lover cum husband who hand overs Vennela to police forces who are in search of Veera. 

These police forces in the station rape her and poor Vennela is dead unable to bear the insult. Veera wants to take the revenge on these cruel police thus kidnaps Raagini. Atlast when Veera’s brother Chakri is also killed by Dev in the name of negotiations, Veera enters direct battle with Dev. During the pre climax scenes, Veera leaves Raagini for Dev and travels back into forest. Dev in climax part etches out a simple plot to kill Veera by using Raagini as a pawn. What is this plot? Will Dev kill Veera? What is that special relation developed between Veera and Raagini? form the interesting climax.


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