Ganesh - Vasanth

These Sherlock Holmes wannabes, a creation of writer Sujatha have been given a fresh lease of life in a savvy and smart environment. Their exploits penned on paper years' ago seem relevant even today in a society ridden with complicated crimes.

Ganesh and Vasanth a lawyer duo, have been very popular down the years among Tamilians familiar with Sujatha's writing. They have always been well received and now it is the probably the most awaited serial on television. That it is exciting, is to say the least, considering the fact that crime and punishment can arouse conflicting sentiments. To a modern audience, especially subject as they are to various influences, this thriller should be interesting.

Legendary characters Ganesh Vasanth who blazed on screen and in books ,have been revived on the small screen by Madras Talkies . Two short stories of this mini - serial Have already been aired on SUN TV amongst overwhelming response from the audience.

The first story 'Ethaiyum Oru Murai' was about a person's compulsive urge to give everything within his capacity a try, be it suicide or homicide . the next story 'Marupadium Ganesh' dealt with a mind - boggling murder cleverly conceived and executed by a person who sadly underestimates the detecting prowess of Ganesh and Vasanth .Following the successful completion of this, Madras Talkies presents the next Story of GANESH -VASANTH.

Amid the awesome valleys of kodikanal is set the intriguing story of Ganesh-Vasanth's 'Melum Oru Kutram' Challenged by damodar Srinivas to a game of wits Ganesh Vasanth unsuspectingly step into an intricate maze of intrigue and murder. Accompanying them this time in their quest for truth is Nirupama, friend and confidante.

With extreme skill, Damodar has crafted an intelligent plan rooted in the mystery of Asha and Nirupama's disappearance.Before he executes the final act of his game lawyers Ganesh and Vasanth would have to find answer to the puzzle with the passion and strength to match his own.


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