Ravi’s ensuing affair with his sister-in-law and her resultant pregnancy was why his brother dies rather mysteriously. Lucky for Kavitha’s mother who threatens Ravi with dire consequences if he did not marry her daughter. The result: Kavitha finds herself in Madras, bold and hopeful on the outside but pitifully insecure on the inside.

Kavitha’s presence does not hamper Ravi’s lifestyle who infact brings his sister-in-law to the city and puts her up in the same neighbourhood. The birth of Kavitha’s daughter does not alleviate the situation as her daughter is born deaf. Her own mother favors Ravi for want of his money.

Kavitha’s life is taking a turn for the worse when thank her lucky stars, Vidhya Venugopal makes an entry into her life.Lively and vivacious, what a zest for life this lady has got. Her mature insight and willingness to help aides Kavitha in enrolling her daughter in the school for special children.

Kavitha’s boundless joy in her child’s gradual learning process and her own contribution to it inspires her to write an essay on the same which the Dr. translates and sends abroad without Kavitha’s knowledge. Imagine her surprise when the university responded and invited her to study abroad.

Kavitha thus bids goodbye to Madras and starts her sojourn into a whole new world of possibilities for her and her baby. P.S.Ravi has come to his senses and has vowed to wait for Kavitha to return!


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